1st place

12864 points



Challenge Category Value Time
Chatting with you all Misc 100
Attacker Network 100
At least a bit significant challenge Forensics 100
A Castle's Flag Forensics 100
Chirp Forensics 335
Where to eat? OSINT 100
Terminal System Pwn 100
Friends forever OSINT 584
I C More Packets Forensics 940
Hotel OSINT 100
A Statue on the Wrong Place OSINT 802
Bitcoin Wallet Crypto 748
Paintr Forensics 728
The Poet Denis The First OSINT 990
Find IP(v6) Network 380
Feedback is always welcome Misc 100
SkyNet Crypto 993
Private and Public Key Crypto 1000
Lost Van OSINT 993
Welcome to Jornadas2021 Misc 687